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CompoundIt! is a compact, easy to use, Windows-based bond calculator that calculates prices and yields for Municipal, Corporate, Treasury and Agency Bonds, T-Bills, and Notes in accordance with securities industry standards. CompoundIt! 3.0 lets you copy and print results, calculate date differences and, with the Professional Edition, calculate Total Ticket and Max Purchase information and calculate Mark-Ups and Concessions.
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A Demo version of CompoundIt! can be downloaded by clicking the link below.  The Demo Version accepts only whole numbers in the Coupon, Price, Yield, Call Price, Yield to Call, and Price to Call fields.  This limitation on use is removed in the fully functioning version.

CompoundIt! 3.0 runs on Win95 or newer. It is offered in two version; Standard ($25) and Professional ($30).

To receive a fully functioning version of CompoundIt!  please click the appropriate link below:

Standard Version ($25)            Professional Version ($30)

or send your check to

Compound Solutions
1502 Vista Street
Richmond, VA    23231

Thank you for your support of CompoundIt!
Download the CompoundIt!  Demo Version (375K)